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Summary of paper material commonly used in paper bag machine

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Summary of paper material commonly used in paper bag machine

Paper bag machine White paper: white paper is strong and thick, with high stiffness, break resistance and smoothness, paper surface is flat, the commonly used thickness is 210-300 grams of white paper, the most used is 230 white cards. Paper bag printed with white cardboard, full color, paper texture is very good, is your first choice.

Copper paper: copper paper is characterized by very smooth paper surface, high whiteness, high smoothness, good gloss, but also make the printed graphics, picture with three-dimensional sense, commonly used thickness of 128-300 grams, copper paper printing effect and white card paper, full color bright, compared with white card paper, stiffness than white card paper.

Paper bag machine Kraft paper: Also known as natural kraft paper. High tensile strength, high toughness, usually brownish yellow, high tear resistance, rupture and dynamic strength, widely used in shopping bags, envelopes, etc. Commonly used thickness of 120 grams -300 grams of natural kraft paper. Kraft paper is generally suitable for printing monochrome or two-color and color is not complex manuscripts. Relative to white cardboard, white kraft paper box copperplate paper, yellow kraft paper price is the lowest.

Paper bag machine Black card paper: a kind of special paper, double-sided black. Black card paper is characterized by fine paper, through the heart black, strong and thick, good folding resistance, smooth surface, good stiffness, good tensile force, high breaking resistance. Common thickness of 120 grams -350 grams of black card paper. Because the black card is black inside and outside, so it can not print colorful patterns, only suitable for bronzing, hot silver and other processes.

Gray white board: white board is a front is white and smooth, the back is mostly gray cardboard, commonly used thickness is 250-350 grams, white board is white, one side is gray, the price is a little cheaper than white cardboard.

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