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jute bags manufacturing machines

Date:2019/1/9 21:25:19 Click:15
jute bags manufacturing machines
What are the characteristics of jute bags manufacturing machines?

jute bags manufacturing machines was researched on the basis of combination of Germany technologies, i.e. fully auto single-piecesquare bottom hand paper bag machines. The bags include shoes bags, shirt bags, underwear bags,gift bags,food bags, file bags and packing bags. 

paper bag making machine   、 paper bag machinemaking paper bags

PLC programmable controller and man-machine touchscreen areadopted for it. It can feed, suck automatically, press, fold, glue and form, flatten, collect andmanually fold thebottom conveniently. The production capacity and automation have been improved effec-tively, ten times of thetraditional ones.

jute bags manufacturing machines(bagging machine) It is a good equipment for producing hand bags, food bags, file bagsand packing bags.